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Time & Attendence

Digitize Personnel Attendance Control and Time Management
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Digitize Personnel
Attendance Control

Armongate Time & Attendance solution is a powerful tool that allows you to organize, update, and manage your business's employee data, attendance control and absences through a single pane of glass.

Free yourself from the complexity of traditional Time and Attendance Systems and effectively manage your employee data, access authorization and legal requirements.

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Quick, Efficient, Centralized Management

Manage access areas and employee data quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

Advanced Reporting

Armongate provides robust reporting tools. Gain insights into your business's performance by analyzing personnel access data.

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Mobile Access

Access Armon Time & Attendance from any device. Even when away from the workplace, instant access to employee work start and finish times are available through the mobile application.

Data Security

Armongate places great importance on keeping personnel access information secure, enhancing compliance with legal requirements in line with data protection and GDPR.

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User -Friendly Interface

Armongate's simple and user-friendly interface enables easy configuration and updating of personnel access authorization and credentials.

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Easy Absence Management

Define time management rules according to labor law or corporate procedures Enable employees to request time off from any device and give managers visibility into team absences.

Simplify Your Business with Armongate Time & Attendance

Facilitating personnel access management and accurately generating, organizing, and updating attendance data is no longer a complex task. Simplify your business processes and make personnel data management more effective with Armongate Time & Attendance. Opt for the Armongate Time & Attendance solution to enhance your business's performance and comply with legal requirements.

Automatic shift assignments and time calculations.

Hierarchical, organizational structure friendly automatic authorization and approval mechanism.

Easy integration with HR and ERP programs used within the company.

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