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 Mobile Time & Attendence Control

Eliminates costly infrastructure investment

Cloud-Based Software

Control your employee’s attendance status from anywhere with cloud-based solutions.

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Data Security & Backup

Your data is important to us. Our cloud-based software securely stores and backs up your
data. Always stay up-to-date and secure.

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User-Friendly Interface

Our interface design is user-friendly and intuitive. Easily manage your data quickly.

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Application Updates and Quick Access

We always keep our applications up to date. Manage your business processes easily with
quick access and a user-friendly interface.

Mobile Access

Mobile Applications for iOS and Android

Our mobile applications are available for iOS and Android platforms, providing easy access for employees and managers.

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Easy Access for Employees

Our mobile applications make it easy for your employees to manage their work processes.

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Time & Attendance Management

Managing employee’s work hours and attendance is now much simpler. Our mobile
applications optimize your business processes.


Transform Your Time and Attendance Processes with Mobile Check-In/Check-Out

Improving business productivity and human resources processes is possible with Armongate Mobile Time and Attendance System (TAS).


Enhance your company's time and attendance
management, provide mobile attendance control to your employees and managers without worrying about data security.


With Mobile Check-In/Check-Out, your employees can start and finish work anytime, anywhere, allowing you to easily manage working hours.

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Mobile Time and
Attendance with
Fixed QR Code Labels

Track and calculate work hours by placing QR labels in work locations. Employee’s can scan the QR with the mobile app to record work start and finish times. The geographical location verification feature prevents misuse.

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