Legacy Access Control Systems
  ARMON Access Control System
Works on the local area network.
Can be used on local area, wide area or on cloud.
The system is accessible from a dedicated computer on site.
Remote access enables to monitor live data and manage within the access rights.
The system is as secure as the site it is installed.
Comparable with the present-day banking applications with its tree-tier crypto algorithm.
Usually outdated technologies are used.
Latest technologic infrastructure and components have been used.
Software and hardware changes are possible while in use.
User interface is old-fashined. Technical personnel and training is necessary.
Can be used easily from the first day with its easy and user-friendly interface.
Has obligation to use the same product family.
Can be integrated with different systems with software and hardware updates.
Installation and operating costs are high.
Installation and operating costs are low.


  Server on
Control Panel
Server on Site Cloud
Software Modules Basic Module Basic Module, PACS, visitor control module, multiple site management over VPN Basic Module, PACS, visitor control module, multiple site management
Customized Applications N/A Applicable N/A
3dr Party Application Support N/A user management and reporting over REST API Available
User Capacity Limited to single-panel capacity Limited to plant server capacity Unlimited
Scope of Maintenance On-site software updates and disk maintenance On-site software updates and disk maintenance Online automatic updates
System Capacity Max one main panel, three expansion units Is limited with the facilty computer network and server capacity. Unlimited
Hardware Level Main components, MicroSD memory card Main and peripheral components, server memory Main and peripheral components, unlimited memory
Investment Costs Low High None
Maintenance and Service Costs Low High Low



Armon server application connects control panel and management panel applications.

Armon control panel communicates with the readers and synchronizes with the server application through Wiegand, RS458 or TCP protocols.

Armon control panel is suitable to use with rail type boards. The connectors on the panel can be increased by using expansion units when needed.
  • On the main panel;
  • Two Wiegand connectors,
  • RS485 connector,
  • Ethernet connector,
  • Three relays,
  • Four configurable connectors,
  • WiFi,
  • Fire detector connector,
  • Analog sensor connector,
  • Optical isolated sensor connector,
  • AC line monitor,
  • Battery monitoring are available.
  • On the expansion unit;
  • Four Wiegand connectors,
  • Six configurable connectors,
  • Four relays are available.
Mifare, HID, Proximity and NFC card readers or biometric readers can be used according to the needs of the institution/person. Readers do not need to be from the same brand or the same product group.